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inOnestore/Makes it Gruppen AB 556941-2934

Bäckvägen 30
643 33 Lilla Edet, Sweden

Telephone support +46 33-138400
Mon-Fri 10.00-11.30

Our support services are available in English and Swedish.


On this page, we have listed the most frequently asked questions that we receive! Look below each category to see if we have the answer to your question! If we haven’t answered your question, you are welcome to contact us and we will help you as fast as we can!

  • How the web shop works

  • Payment and delivery

    • Which payment methods do you accept?
      We accept card payments via Handelsbanken (Dibs) and also via Paypal. We provide invoices and accept payments via Klarna. We also accept payments from your Paypal account.
    • How secure are payments over the internet?
      As you can see in the address bar above, we have an address beginning with https- the S means it is a secure connection which will never leave our page. This certificate for encryption (SSL) ensures that your data will not be accessed by anyone else.
    • When will payment be debited from my card?
      The amount you will pay is debited from your card when you confirm your purchase in our checkout.
    • Will I be charged customs and import charges?
      If you live within the EU, there are no extra charges. Customs and import charges are only added if you live outside the EU!
    • Has my order been sent to me yet?
      You will receive a confirmation that your order has been processed and that a shipping label has been printed. If you have received an email with a tracking number, your shipment has left our warehouse!
    • How will I be notified of the delivery?
      All communication with you after your order is by email! The same applies to delivery notifications!
    • How soon will I receive my order?
      Shipment is included in the product price and the normal delivery time is 5-8 working days.
      You can select a faster delivery alternative at checkout; a delivery time of 3-5 working days is available to all countries/locations. A delivery of 1-2 working days is possible to some countries/locations.
      The delivery time is calculated from the day the product leaves our warehouse, normally one working day after you placed your order.
    • Can I change my delivery address after the order has left the warehouse?
      Most of our procedures are automated and therefore also very fast. We often send products immediately after the order is made, but sometimes changes can be made. Bear in mind that an additional cost of 69 SEK/8 Euros is added if the delivery address needs to be changed!
    • Do you deliver to work addresses?
      We can deliver to your permanent residential address or your workplace, but due to security reasons we do not deliver to a PO Box address.
      If you want your delivery to be sent to your workplace, you need to be sure that someone will be there to collect it when FedEx or the postal service delivers it.
    • How does your delivery system work?
      When you have ordered, we will inform you about each step and what will happen! You will receive a confirmation once we have received your order, when we have collected it and sent it and also when it has been delivered to you!
    • What happens if I do not collect my package?
      The items will then be returned to our warehouse. We normally email you to ask how you would like us to deal with the items! If you want to return the items we will refund their value (excluding shipping) but we will also deduct 99 SEK in return costs (for our extra cost of return shipping, etc.).
    • Can I extend the due date for my Klarna Invoice?
      Of course you can, please contact Klarna at 08-120 120 10 so they can help you with that!
    • If I pay with Klarna invoice, will I receive a new invoice when I have returned a part of/the whole order?
      No, you keep the same invoice (with the same OCR number), but the amount will be adjusted and we will send an updated invoice to you via email as soon as we receive the return!
  • Care advice for our products

    • How should I wash my Jumpsuit?
      We recommend you wash the item at 40 degrees, but you can wash it at a lower temperature if you want.
      Use a minimum amount of detergent for the sake of the environment and avoid fabric softeners. Use an eco-friendly detergent.
      Close zips before washing to prevent them from getting caught and torn during washing.
      Cotton garments with dark colours should be washed inside out (this is to avoid getting “wash stripes” on the item).
      Air-dry the item. DO NOT use tumble dryers or drying cabinets.
    • Are there any harmful chemicals or any chemicals that can cause allergies in inOne clothes?
      We prohibit all forms of harmful and hazardous chemicals and dangerous substances when purchasing from our suppliers. We collaborate with well-established Swedish suppliers to ensure this!
    • Do I need to wash my jumpsuit before I use it?
      Since we do not use harmful or hazardous chemicals in our products, there is no need to wash the item before use!
    • Will pilling form on my clothes?
      When a garment is exposed to abrasion during use, pilling can occur. This is more common on garments with a greater variety of synthetics. Pilling occur from loose or finely-fibred material. If pilling is still visible, you can use a pilling machine to remove it!
    • Will my garment from inOne shrink?
      inOne expects that our garments might shrink to up to 3%. You can prevent garments from shrinking by ironing them after washing!
  • Exchanges and Return

    • How long after purchase may I exchange an item?
      Normally, you have 14 days to contact us about exchanging an item. Thereafter, you must return your item immediately, no longer than 14 days.
    • What if I want to change size?
      If you have received an item and you want to change it to a different size, go to “Orderhistory”, click on your current order and choose which product you want to change. Then type in which product you would like to change and also to which size. Once this is done, you will receive a printout that you add to the product when you send it to us, then we will have all the information we need in one place.
    • What if I want to make a complaint about a product?
      If you have received an item and you want to make a complaint, go to “My Page”, click on your current order and choose the product. You have to describe what is wrong and upload a picture so we know what the problem is. When everything is filled in, click Submit to send the complaint to us. When we have looked at it and have a solution, we will contact you, usually within 2-3 working days.
    • What happens if my package is sent back, i.e. a package which is not redeemed?
      The items will then be returned to our warehouse. We normally email you to ask how you would like us to deal with the items! If you want to return the items we will refund their value (excluding shipping) but we will also deduct 99 SEK in return costs (for our extra cost of return shipping, etc.).
    • Have you received my returned item yet?
      All returns will be confirmed by email once they have been registered by us, this happens no later than the day after the returned item has arrived at our warehouse! If you have not received a confirmation within 2 weeks after sending your returned item to us, please feel free to contact us at customer service so we can help you.
      In order to run everything as smoothly as possible, you can manage your possible returns on “My Pages”, where you also can find the return address, return forms, etc. that you need to attach to your returned item.
    • How is the money refunded for a return?
      Normally, we pay the money back in full to the same means of payment that you made your purchase with. E.g. if you paid with Eurocard, the money is refunded to Eurocard! If it is not possible to refund to the same source, then we will send you an email about how we can refund you. We manage this as fast as we can, but always within 14 days, according to legal stipulations!
  • Other questions